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Mindful Explorers Montessori

Education Through Connection

Serving South Denver and Centennial Areas

Mindful Explorers Montessori is a licensed in-home authentic Montessori preschool for children

2 - 4 years old. Our goal at MEM is to meet each child where they are and gently guide them towards their next stage of development through connection and Montessori curriculum. Independence, language, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, and healthy interactions with peers naturally flourish within the carefully crafted environment at MEM. Our dedicated and loving teachers are in constant communication with parents for total transparency. We would love to hear from you!

Individual family tours are scheduled monthly.


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A Place to Shine

Boy in a montessori classroom with pink

Children who attend Mindful Explorers Montessori receive the tools and connection they need to become their best selves through:

  • Child-directed activities

  • Stimulating settings

  • Small class size (1:6 teacher/student ratio)

  • Experiential learning

  • Mixed age group

  • Individual and group lessons

Ages 2 - 4Y Program

​Lunch Bunch Session

  • Monday -Thursday

  • 8:30am - 12:30pm

​Full Day Session

  • Monday -Thursday

  • 8:30am - 3:30pm


The Montessori learning environment is a student-centered environment designed to allow children to explore, discover, and learn independently as well as with others. Our classroom is responsive, prepared, and adaptive to the child's learning, not the teacher's teaching.


We have small group and individual lessons to meet each child's needs. Our thoughtful materials are rotated regularly to adapt to the child's interests, abilities, and potential. Dr Maria Montessori brilliantly created materials so children may spot their own mistakes, solve their own problems, and realize their potential. A Montessori environment promotes collaboration, not competition, allowing children to experience a sense of community.


Within the mixed-age group, children also learn from each other to develop not only academically but also socially. Dr Montessori believed learning is a social process. We encourage respect and support of one another in our classroom while practicing grace and courtesy.

Montessori student developing skills by learning to cut a banana

Mindful Explorers Montessori is a place where freedom and responsibility are earned and given. Children develop self-discipline from the freedom and responsibility to appropriately choose their own activity. This fosters intrinsic motivation and the drive toward competence charged by the child's natural curiosity and interest. 


The Montessori teacher models the values she would like to see in the child. Special care is taken when the teacher prepares the environment, considering the child's cognitive, social, and physical development. The teacher quietly moves around the classroom during the work cycle and observes each child. When appropriate, the teacher respectfully engages the child and acts a gentle guide. Children may turn to the teacher for help at any time. ​​


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